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New Product Mini USB Lady Razor Face Trimmer Eyebrow Hair Remover

Time:2018-01-08 Views:817
Portable safe Women‘s Painless Hair Remover Epilator Electric Lady Shaver 
Step 1:
Female epilator:
In fact, many people have a misconception that the epilator is a kind and the shaver is another. In fact, this is wrong. "Epilator" is a general term, it can be divided into 
"shaver", "puzzer", "shaving two-in-one machine". They can all be called "hair removers".
 Step 2:
Then the female shaver, the female plucking device, the shaving and pulling two in one, which is the difference between the three types of hair removal devices? Which one is 
best used?
Female shaver:
Female shavers are mainly used for hair trimming and shaving. It works the same way as a men‘s razor. It shaves off the hair on the skin and the hair roots are still present in 
the skin. The advantage is no pain, convenient and fast, but the effect is not thorough, the hair removal effect is very short, usually two days will
Growing hair. Need to perform hair removal again. For long-term use, the hair will become thick black.
Step 3:
Female plucking device:
The plucking device pulls up the hair with a clip-on hair removal head, that is to say, the hair follicle part is also removed, so the hair removal effect is long lasting with 
respect to the shaver, and the skin growth speed is generally different depending on the individual hair growth speed. Guangjie is about 10 days to half a month. Then the hair 
Grow again. The plucking device has a pain because it is uprooted, so it is not comparable to a shaver.
Step 4:
Pull and shave two in one:
As the name suggests, it is a combination of a female plucker and a female razor. A machine has two cutter heads, a plucked cutter head and a shaved cutter head. This type of 
epilator is the most popular, and different hair removal methods can be selected depending on the occasion.
 Step 5:
Whether it is a female shaver or a female plucking device, only a short hair removal can be achieved, but the effect of permanent hair removal cannot be achieved, and the hair 
will grow again. In order to get rid of the troubles of repeated hair removal, you can solve this problem with a hair removal solution. 533 hair removal liquid is used after 
plucking, Jane
It is safe and effective, and it can be operated at home to make the excess hair disappear forever. But 533 hair removal liquid, like laser hair removal, requires a few months 
of hair cycle to "get it once and for all."
Highly recommended: ENM 4 in 1 ladies electric epilator
Women‘s 4-in-1 Electric Epilator Shaver
Cross-border e-commerce exclusive, patented products (Chinese design patent patent number: ZL 2017 3 0596154.6 EU design patent No. 004893501-0001), complete certification, 
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Model: ENM-890 Color: white, black Logo: Customizable
Power: 5W Battery: Polymer lithium battery Battery capacity: 250 mAh
Use time: 3 hours Charging time: 1.5 hours
Product size: 130*37mm Packing size: 185*118*40mm Single gross weight: 165g
Packing size: 43*39*40cm Packing quantity: 60pcs Net weight: 9.9kg Gross weight: 11kg
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