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Do you used to cealning your facial pore by the blackhead vacuum removal?

Time:2018-01-06 Views:731
Check the blackhead method, can the electric blackhead remover be easy to use?
Acne and blackheads are probably the most troublesome skin problems. I often hear people say "hey, it‘s acne again", "Hey, it‘s blackheads." If the acne does not go, the 
blackheads will not go, and the skin on the face will not reach the effect that you want. Today, let‘s take a look at the method of going to the blackhead. What is the way to go 
to the blackhead? Is it easy to use the electric blackhead?
If the oil on the skin is not removed in time, it will become a hardened obstruction after a long time, blocking the pores and growing on the face.
Black little dots. If the blackheads are not cleaned, it is easy to stretch the pores, the pores become slack, and the skin looks rough. The blackheads are what many beauty 
lovers want to remove. In summary, there are several ways to remove blackheads, such as extrusion, tearing, and adsorption.
In theory, extrusion is the ability to remove blackheads. The more common method is to squeeze by hand. Moderate squeezing can really help us squeeze out the blackheads, but 
when squeezed, excessive stimulation will accelerate the secretion of oil from the surrounding skin‘s oil secretion glands, thereby increasing the formation of oil blockages and 
causing more serious pores. Blocked. In addition, if squeezed by hand, the nail is likely to hurt the skin, and the bacteria on the nail easily enter the skin along the enlarged 
pores, causing skin problems.
The tear-type blackhead method is more representative of the tearing mask and the blackhead sticker. Folk rumors of the more common egg whites to blackheads are also the way to 
tear. The method of tearing is just cool when you run out, you can tear a lot of dirty things, and the effect of blackheads is obvious. But this way it is easy to hurt the skin. 
When the pores are not open, the hard pull pulls the blackheads out of the pores, making the pores thicker, allowing the bacteria and dust in the air to enter more easily. The 
blackheads are easy to grow back and the pores will be The more you tear, the bigger.
The blackhead is used to adsorb blackheads by adsorption. This method is more professional, and the blackhead is completely removed, and the effect is better. Like the better-
looking XNUO in the market, the XNUO is a vacuum-absorbing technique that physically absorbs the blackheads and acne in the pores, and also has the effect of massage and lifting 
the skin, and shrinks the pores. Care for the skin, in one go.
Let me introduce you to a new product, 4 in 1 electric blackhead remover
Blackhead suction tool
Blackhead Vacuum Remover
Can be OEM, OEM, custom, spot wholesale
Quality assurance, large quantity favorably
Interested buyers enter the store to ask customer service
1. The working head can be replaced, and the 4 working heads are suitable for different parts.
2. LED display: power box 4 file suction control
3. Simple button design
4.USB charging interface
5. Natural diamond powder stainless steel sanding head, exfoliating
6. Vacuum suction system to promote skin blood circulation
Model: ENM-876
color: White
Size: 180*47*47mm
Net weight: 156.6g
Color box size: 132*212.5*60mm
Gross weight: 375g
Packing number: 40pcs
Packing size: 57*45*33.5cm
Gross weight: 15.7KG
Net weight: 16.7KG
Charging method: USB charging
Power: 5W
Material: ABS
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